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Small Systems Solutions focuses on informative, dynamic websites with maximum performance and dynamic content.

Small Systems Solutions is a company focusing on informative, dynamic websites... Our approach is to create clean websites with maximum performance and dynamic content - suited to our customer's needs.

Supporting mission-critical, high-end transactional model of performance for website and throughput

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We host our client sites on dedicated 8 core Xeon-class servers with RAID storage for maximum performance and reliability, in a Chicagoland SAS70 Type II Datacenter.
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High performance optimized and cached database performance utilizing the most powerful open-source database, PostgreSQL.
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Customized, "hardened" hosting envionrment using Java - the most commonly used language in the programming world.

Dynamic Hosting puts you are in control


Sites Customized for your visitors

Create customized "portal" access specific to your user's interests and preferences.


Modern and future-proof infrastructure and code

Designed for mobile.
Support pdf, Word, qrcodes, barcodes - directly from your application.
Cost-effective web hosting for small to enterprise sites - scaling upwards is built-in.

Small Systems Solutions

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